5 Hour All Lines Adjuster Law and Ethics Update 620 or 70-20


Course Description

Florida Course Approval Number: 127468

This course represents 5 Credit Hours of State Certified Continuing Education.

5 Hour All Lines Adjuster Law and Ethics Update 620

Insurance Agents and Adjusters are entrusted by the citizens of Florida in a role of great responsibility that requires them to practice their profession in a manner that requires maintaining the highest levels of fiduciary, civic, and moral professionalism. It is incumbent upon Insurance Agents and Adjusters to at all times exercise their profession in a manner and conduct representative of the highest ethical standards, and to provide counsel and advice that is based on knowledge and information that is relevant as well as contemporary. As such, Insurance Agents and Adjusters should always be deeply versed in the professional and ethical licensing standards and requirements that are placed upon them, the organization and activity of their governing regulatory body, and legislative and/or industry trends and activities as they evolve and shape the profession and products they represent.

Through this this course, adjusters will get a detailed overview of pertinent laws and regulations, functions and organization of the Florida Department of Financial Services and the Office of Insurance Regulation, recent legislative and regulatory changes that have occurred, the topic and codes of ethics as it applies to their profession, disciplinary trends and cases, and other matters that are relevant to the Insurance Agent or Adjuster in carrying out their responsibilities.