A Review of the Personal Auto Policy – Wisconsin


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Course Description

Wisconsin Course Approval number: 6000091750

This course represents 7 Credit Hours of State Certified Continuing Education.

Automobile Insurance has evolved over the last several decades because of insurance regulation, and a push for it to be more understandable.  However, most consumers do not fully understand the coverages and components of the Personal Automobile Policy.  Since auto insurance is often the largest part of a Property and Casualty insurance agent’s business, it is crucial that the agent be knowledgeable about the coverages and provisions of the Personal Automobile Policy in order to provide utmost service and guidance to their policyholders.  This course will help agents to better understand the Personal Automobile Policy in order to add value and confidence to their conversations with clients.

Topics Include

  • General Insurance Principles
  • Legal and Practical Concepts of the Personal Automobile Policy
  • Approaches for Managing Automobile Insurance Risk
  • Parts and Coverages of a Personal Automobile Policy
  • Discussion of Auto Rates and Underwriting