Understanding Insurance Underwriting – Arkansas


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Course Description

Arkansas Course Approval Number: 201309

This course represents 7 Credit Hours of State Certified Continuing Education.

Understanding Insurance Underwriting

Underwriting is a critically important function and is performed each time an insurance application is taken. Its purpose is to determine if applications represent risks acceptable to the insurer to determine whether or not the insurer will issue a policy to an applicant. Underwriting is based on a variety of criteria established by each insurer and regulated by state and federal law. Each underwriting decision involves balancing the insurer’s desire to earn premium with the insurer’s ability to cover claims and remain in compliance with regulatory financial requirements while making a profit. This course discusses each important facet of underwriting. It begins by answering the question “What is Underwriting?” and ends with tips and tricks that will lead to better underwriting in the future.

Topics Include:

  • An Introduction to Underwriting
  • A discussion of the Underwriting Process
  • A look at how recent legislation is affecting Underwriting
  • How to become a better Underwriter