Legal Concepts for Insurance Agents – Maryland


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Course Description

Maryland Course Approval Number 106656

This course represents 4 Credit Hours of State Certified Continuing Education – 4 Credit Hours in Property and Casualty

Legal Concepts for Insurance Agents

It would not be an overstatement to say that the insurance industry would not exist were it not for the legal system. The first insurance policy drafted nearly 300 years ago was most likely done so by a barrister or other legal scholar, and to this day the insurance industry relies heavily upon the courts and the legal system for essentially every aspect of operations: from product creation and drafting policy language to settling claims disputes and determining coverage issues.

This course is designed to provide Maryland Insurance Agents with an overview of our Legal System and Legal Concepts related to common business interests as well as the insurance industry. After completing this course, you will have a greater understanding of the history of our legal system, its basis and structure, and many of the major legal concepts that provide structure and guidance to our civic and most common business activities. You will also learn about many of the principles, terminology, and concepts of the law as it applies specifically to the insurance industry. You and your clients will benefit greatly from the knowledge and understanding of our Legal System and Legal Concepts you will gain from this course.

Topics Include:

  • An Overview of the History and Structure of our Court System
  • Concepts and Principals of Torts, Contracts and Liability
  • Perspectives and Insight on the Most Common Business Legal Concepts
  • Insurance Law, Risk and Insurance Policies and Contracts