Long Term Care 4 Hour Review


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Course Description

Kansas Course Approval Number: 6000005716

Long Term Care 4 Hour Review

The issue of Long Term Care presents one of the biggest challenges facing us individually, and as a society. In your role as a licensed agent, whether you currently sell Long Term Care Coverage or not, it is important to both you and your clients that you understand the issues and options surrounding Long Term Care coverage. In fact, most States now require Insurance Agents to undertake this training prior to selling or soliciting Long Term Care Coverage.

This course is designed to provide Nevada insurance agents with a strong foundation and understanding of the issues and concerns surrounding Long Term Care. The course also explores current solutions, advantages and disadvantages of public and private sector solutions, LTC product options, sales suitability and tax consequences. Regardless of whether you currently sell Long Term Care policies, you and your customers will benefit greatly from the knowledge you gain from this course.

Course Topics Include:

  • An Explanation of Long Term Care
  • Costs and Public Policy Considerations
  • Private Sector Solutions
  • Sales and Suitability Considerations
  • State Partnership Programs