National Flood Insurance Program


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Course Description

Oklahoma Course Approval Number: 6000049238

This course represents 3 Credit Hours of State Certified Continuing Education.

National Flood Insurance Program

We are proud to bring you this course which was written and developed by the experts at National Underwriter – the industry’s most reputable and trusted brand for providing agents, brokers and other key insurance professionals the information they need to be successful.

Whether you are an agent who specializes in strictly commercial coverages, personal lines coverages, or even life insurance, it is invaluable to your profession to understand the National Flood Insurance Program. The potential for devastation caused by floods and the public policy considerations and debate involving Flood Insurance provide an excellent case study for gaining a better understanding of the broader concepts related to risk transfer. Additionally, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to offer this important coverage to your clients.

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

• Explain where to locate a property’s risk of flood on the internet.
• Describe factors that contribute to flooding
• Explain what the letters FIRM stand for.
• Explain the importance of a community’s participation in the NFIP.
• Define a Base Flood, and explain its importance.
• Describe the building and personal coverage limits available.
• Define a Base Flood, and explain its importance.
• Explain the difference in ″incidental occupancy″ as used in the dwelling form and a standard homeowners form.
• Describe the circumstances under which a building over water may be insured.

**This Course is Approved for 3 Credit Hours in NFIP Flood Training**