Review of Homeowners Insurance Coverages


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Course Description

Tennessee Course Approval number: 34066

This course represents 8 Credit Hours of State Certified Continuing Education.

Home ownership is one of the great “American Dreams,” and one of the ultimate lifetime goals, of people in the United States.  Whether they own a home or condominium unit, or rent an apartment, consumers need to insure their property in order to protect their financial interest and reduce uncertainty of financial loss.  Agents play an important role in helping clients protect their most valuable assets and assure they are properly and sufficiently covered.  This course will lead the agent to a solid understanding of the various coverages and options available for Homeowners Insurance.  In turn, they will bring value to their conversations with clients, and build trust in their relationships with policyholders.

Topics Include:

  • Insurance Principles and Fundamentals
  • Property and Liability Loss Exposures
  • Homeowners Insurance Coverages and Provisions
  • Other Real Property Policies
  • Homeowners Coverage Recommendations