The Continuation of Earthquakes in Oklahoma


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Course Description

Oklahoma Course Approval Number: 6000049211

This course represents 1 General Credit Hour of State Certified Continuing Education.

The Continuation of Earthquakes in Oklahoma

While Oklahoma is not usually associated with earthquakes, the homeowners of Oklahoma have become more accustomed to earthquakes and how to protect themselves when one occurs. Throughout this course, you will become more familiar with earthquakes, the history of earthquakes in Oklahoma and what the government is doing to help homeowners. With this, you will be able to thoroughly explain the earthquake preparation process and the necessary steps taken and questions to ask when writing an earthquake policy.

Topics Include:

  • The Rise of Earthquakes in Oklahoma
  • Agency Roles
  • Why Earthquake Insurance?
  • Earthquake Preparedness

This Course is Approved Only UntilĀ 4/30/2025.