Utah Annuity Suitability Training Course


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Course Description

Utah Course Approval Number: 44499

Utah Annuity Suitability Training

This course covers the history and intended purpose of older annuities and goes on to explain the formation of modern annuity contracts. Chapters will be dedicated to the classification of annuities and the correct definitions of terms used when discussing annuities contracts. As the course progresses, the topics will build on one another, teaching the agent applicable concepts and ethical guidelines which will aid in the sale and implementation of modern annuity contracts.

Topics Include:

  • An introduction to Annuities, including their historical development and classifications
  • A discussion of the parties that are involved in an annuity contract
  • A look at the correct, and ethically sounds, ways to use Annuities
  • How State Guarantee Funds affect the buying and selling of Annuities