What the Heck is InsurTech?


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Course Description

Florida Course Approval Number: 117470

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will earn 2 credits hours of State – Approved Continuing Education.

What the Heck is InsurTech?


Most consumers have no awareness of the innovation that is slowly and vigorously affecting the insurance products they buy. InsurTech startups not only revolutionize the way individuals and businesses buy insurance and they also recast the mold that has formed the basis of insurance underwriting and pricing for hundreds of years.

In this 2-hour webinar, students will learn what the heck InsurTech is, how it differs from traditional insurance, and how it works. Technology–such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analysis–are explained and other topics are introduced, including:

  • How InsurTechs disrupt the insurance industry
  • How the COVID pandemic accelerated the InsurTech market
  • Must-know info and statistics about InsurTech
  • Regulation of InsurTechs
  • Who the major players are
  • The advantages and disadvantages of InsurTech

About the Instructor




Linda McHenry is a writer, speaker, and trainer who specializes in developing, writing, and teaching insurance continuing education courses. Her extensive background as an insurance agency owner and licensed producer allows her to bring real-life experience into the classroom–whether the setting is live or virtual. Linda doesn’t lecture, she tells stories … and enjoys a reputation for actively engaging her students.