Ethics for Life Insurance Agents


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Course Description

Idaho Course Approval Number: 6000140548

This course represents 3 Credit Hours of State Certified Continuing Education.

Ethics for Life Insurance Agents

Ethics should be a constant concern for all agents and adjusters. Various insurers and agents are constantly being admonished for acts that, though compliant with all state and federal regulations, are still seen as blatantly unethical. This course strives to show that though ethical standards are not regulated on the state or federal level, they are nevertheless vital to the success of an agents career. Through this course you will learn a variety of ethical considerations to avoid unnecessary conflicts, as well as instructions on how to construct your own code of ethics.

Topics Include:

  • An introduction to ethics, including how ethics differs from compliance
  • A look at ethical considerations that specifically apply to Life Insurance Agents
  • How to develop your own code of ethics based on standards present in the industry today