Florida 2022 Property Insurance Reform Review


Course Description

Florida Course Approval Number: 124934


On December 15, 2022, the Florida Legislature passed important legislation aimed at reforming the property insurance market in Florida. These reforms represent some of the most significant changes to occur in this state’s property insurance market in recent times. Insurance agents and adjusters who deal in property or personal lines coverages are strongly encouraged to understand these new provisions to better evaluate their impacts and advise their clients accordingly.


The passage of these reforms resulted from a special session called for by Governor DeSantis to address many of the factors that have led to ever-increasing premiums, insurer insolvencies, and concern over the future availability of property insurance coverage for Florida property owners. The major provisions of these reforms are contained in SB-2A and seek to address the primary cost factors that have led to instability in the property insurance marketplace, while also including additional consumer protections and providing for increased regulatory oversight.


This session also resulted in the passage of bills that provide tax relief for Hurricane Ian victims and reduce toll costs for frequent travelers.


The goal of this course is to help you understand the amendments and additions contained in SB 2-A. Upon completion of this comprehensive overview, you will have obtained:


  • A working knowledge of the primary components of SB 2-A
  • An understanding of the history and market conditions that brought about the need for these reforms
  • The ability to explain its relevant details to your clients and prospects
  • The competence to implement any changes as they affect your day-to-day handling of property insurance applications and claims