Overview of Legal and Ethical Guidelines


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Course Description

Overview of Legal and Ethical Guidelines – Tennessee Course Approval Number: 27655

This course represents 3 Credit Hours of State Certified Continuing Education.

Overview of Legal and Ethical Guidelines

As an Insurance Agent, you are constantly faced with Ethical decisions. Balancing the interests and needs of the customer, the company, and yourself can often present significant challenges. It is not enough (and many would argue impractical) to attempt to stay up with constantly changing rules and regulations. It is incumbent upon you to understand your role and practice your profession with the highest regard to Ethics. By not doing so, you face exposures that could quickly ruin your career, and even result in financial loss.

This course provides you with an overview of the roles and responsibilities you have as an insurance agent, the risks and exposures you face, and explains the important role Ethics plays in your profession. You will be presented several scenarios and example situations which create conflicts of interests, and create liability to you. Upon completing this course, you will have a better understanding of Ethics and how to best identify, handle, and manage situations that present conflicts of interest.

Topics Include:

  • An introduction to Agents and Liability Exposures
  • Examples and Case Studies of Conflict of Interests
  • Representing the Company and the Customer
  • Avoid and Prepare