Underwriting – Basics to Big Data


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Course Description

Connecticut Course Approval Number: 6000112028

This course represents 3 Credit Hours of  State Certified Continuing Education.

Underwriting – Basics to Big Data

How do insurers decide what risks they want to accept – versus what risks they want to pass on? Where do these this process occur, and how? And why is underwriting so very important to the success of insurers? This webinar answers all of these questions and more.

Using real-world examples, this course provides agents with insight and understanding of the underwriting process across all lines of insurance, and how technology continues to transform underwriting strategies and processes.

Agents will benefit greatly from the knowledge gained in this 3 hour webinar.

About the Instructor




Linda McHenry is a writer, speaker, and trainer who specializes in developing, writing, and teaching insurance continuing education courses. Her extensive background as an insurance agency owner and licensed producer allows her to bring real-life experience into the classroom–whether the setting is live or virtual. Linda doesn’t lecture, she tells stories … and enjoys a reputation for actively engaging her students.